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About company

Chortoq Max Stroy is glad to welcome you on its website!

Chortoq Max Stroy

01. About company

Our company “Chortoq Max Stroy” is glad to welcome you on our website!

We successfully work in the construction market, offering our customers high-quality products and services.

The company has extensive production and storage resources, which makes it possible to offer a very wide range of products for residential and industrial construction in the building materials market.

A wide range makes it possible to supply with components and materials the construction of a wide variety of objects – from a private house to the airport, and the nomenclature is constantly updated with new products.

Benefits of Chortoq Max Stroy

02. Advantage

Price level

He is low. At the same time, we offer high-quality building materials, The product range includes premium, middle and economy class. Lowest prices as a fact - you can check it out.

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Operational. The company manages a fleet of 10 special machines that interact with cargoes weighing up to 20 tons.

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Product is stable in stock

Due to the large number of orders, the volume of goods in stock is constantly decreasing. To provide all customers with building materials that will be delivered in one day, we will replenish stockpiles as necessary.

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High quality level

Our factory of building materials, as well as partners of the online store are manufacturers with exceptionally high-quality products. We are confident in our products, therefore we provide an official guarantee for any item from the catalog.

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Several payment methods

Payment in cash is an excellent option if you order on the Internet for the first time, do not trust online stores, and also want to make sure that the appearance of the products and their quality are consistent with the declared ones.

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Discount system

In addition to the low prices of goods, you can buy building materials with a significant discount. Reduced cost and wholesale orders.

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Our company has decided on a certain strategy, and adheres to it to this day:

  • a wide range of construction and related materials,

  • the maximum amount of information required by the Client (description of materials, scope, recommendations of specialists, prices, etc.),

  • affordable prices

  • delivery (extended on weekends),

  • excellent quality of all proposed building materials (certificates and all necessary documents from the manufacturer),

Feedback from our customers

03. Reviews

We bought a large number of products from them. Everything is very high quality, the choice is huge, and the prices are encouraging. Thank them for their work, I recommend

— Михаил


We bought blocks. Very good product, nothing crumbles in the hands. Very satisfied. Recommend.

— Линар


Honestly, I am very glad that I found information about the company ``Chortoq Max Stroy`` on the Internet when I was planning to build. The budget of our company is small, they counted every penny. Fulfilled.

— Игорь